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What would you do if strange creatures were after you?


Skateboarding & the internet thermostat


Bassfugal & The Wireless Wind Turbine



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Student Projects

The Heart Rate and Speed Monitor

The HRSM system wirelessly transmits a cyclist’s heart rate and velocity while in training to a monitoring station for analysis.


EtherCoffee is a microprocessor controlled coffee maker that receives commands over a Local Area Network with a software utility to start the coffee brewing process.

Audio Visualization

This project accepts an audio input and broadcasts it wirelessly to a remote receiver unit that displays the frequency spectrum of the transmitted audio signal.

Home Power Consumption Meter

The Home Power Consumption Meter measures and displays the amount of electrical power used by two different electrical circuits in a home environment with the use of a microprocessor.

Emergency Traffic Light System

The Emergency Traffic Light System will demonstrate how an ambulance could control traffic lights in an emergency situation. It uses a wireless remote to transmit a control signal and change the traffic lights as needed.