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Real-life stories about the Electronics Engineering Technology program.

messengerNo one tells the story better than our students and professionals alike. Behold, before your eyes theexperiences of others who have walkedthrough this exciting career path of electronics. We would like to share with you some real time involvements, experiencesand understandingsthey have achieved.

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Oleksandr Y

Graduated 2011

"Electronics, is part of the world that we live in. We have to acknowledge that it will never leave this world and it wont disappear if we ignore it, so the best way to go, is to run along with it."

Vladimir K

Graduated 2011

"Ever since i got my first computer at 10 years old, I wanted to know how the thing worked. Opening it up and looking at all the complicated circuitry Just forced me to go to this program and It is one of the best decisions of my life because now I don't stress out wondering what does the circuitry do."

Philippe B

Graduated 2011

"If you like to know what revolves around you, your best bet is Electronics."

Kaveh M

Graduated in 2008, working in the field since.

"Always wanted to know how my gadgets worked, what made them tic. How can electricity transform into a language for all our devices?"

Kim P

Graduate 1992 - working in the field ever since

"The 'hands-on' nature of [Electronics technology] taught me that regardless of how great stuff looks on paper, when you actually go to implement it, something will muck it up. It will be messy; it will be imperfect; it will need tweaking. And you know what? That's OK. So long as you plan for it. This is true for circuits, software, business deals, trade shows, ... life"

Andre L

Graduate 2001, B.Eng - still working in the field

"In my 3 years in Electrotech I learned more about design techniques and "real world" principles that I did in 4 years of engineering."

Ahmed S

Graduated 2010

"Electronics is a beauty and art form in it's own way."

Kareena C

Presently studying Electronics Technology.

"Electronics is a very interesting and exploring field...for people who know about it and for people who don't!! Getting hands-on with equipment makes our minds wonder about more possibilities than we ever imagined."

Student Projects

The Heart Rate and Speed Monitor

The HRSM system wirelessly transmits a cyclist’s heart rate and velocity while in training to a monitoring station for analysis.


EtherCoffee is a microprocessor controlled coffee maker that receives commands over a Local Area Network with a software utility to start the coffee brewing process.

Audio Visualization

This project accepts an audio input and broadcasts it wirelessly to a remote receiver unit that displays the frequency spectrum of the transmitted audio signal.

Home Power Consumption Meter

The Home Power Consumption Meter measures and displays the amount of electrical power used by two different electrical circuits in a home environment with the use of a microprocessor.

Emergency Traffic Light System

The Emergency Traffic Light System will demonstrate how an ambulance could control traffic lights in an emergency situation. It uses a wireless remote to transmit a control signal and change the traffic lights as needed.

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